Celebrations at Oak Ranch

The Lakeside Estate

The Lakeside Estate is the centerpiece of the property. Nestled amidst lush greenery and designed by the legendary architect Paul R. Williams, it stands as a testament to timeless beauty and architectural excellence. Its unique history adds a touch of glamour and intrigue to any event hosted within its walls. The Villa's easy indoor-outdoor flow and idyllic surroundings create an enchanting atmosphere for intimate celebrations and exclusive events.


Square Footage: 12,500 square feet
Capacity: 400

Features: The Estate offers stunning indoor and outdoor spaces, including a large outdoor area overlooking a serene lake. It encompasses a range of spacious rooms, from the grand ballroom and intimate lounges to the fully equipped catering kitchen. Anahita, the breathtaking sculpture suspended in the grand ballroom, adds an extra layer of elegance and artistic charm.

The Capsule

The Capsule, also known as The Studio, is a contemporary and versatile event space. This modern venue is designed to accommodate a wide range of events, from art exhibitions and product launches to workshops and seminars. The Studio boasts a large open floor plan, abundant natural light, and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. Its sleek and minimalist design can be easily transformed to suit any event theme or style


Square Footage: 4,000 square feet
Capacity: 40-300

Features: The Capsule offers a flexible layout, pocket doors, an expansive lawn, state-of-the-art audiovisual capabilities, and two attached bedrooms for added convenience.

Skyline Vista

Skyline Vista is a majestic hilltop oasis with panoramic views of the iconic Los Angeles skyline. This expansive 25,000 square foot flat land provides an unrivaled setting for your next event, boasting breathtaking vistas and a capacity to accommodate up to 2500 people. With no noise restrictions, Skyline Vista is the perfect canvas to bring your grandest visions to life.


Square Footage: 25,000 square feet
Capacity: 2500

Features: Skyline Vista offers unparalleled panoramic views, an open and spacious layout, and unlimited possibilities for event setups and arrangements.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a versatile space, where tranquility meets elegance. Our glass-walled yoga studio, embraced by lush scenery and overlooking a tennis court, sets the stage for wellness retreats. Yet, our space effortlessly transforms to host intimate dinner parties. With walking paths along the serene lake, hidden enclaves, and a captivating waterfall, every event finds its perfect ambiance in this sanctuary of possibilities


Square Footage: 600 square feet
Capacity: 30

Features: Yoga Studio, Tennis Court, Private Dining Room.

The Gazebo

Nestled amidst lush landscaping with serene lake views, our enchanting Gazebo exudes an idyllic and intimate atmosphere. The elegant chandelier casts a warm twilight glow, while overhead, verdant plants create a natural canopy. With a capacity for up to 15 guests, it's perfect for celebratory meals, bridal showers, or baby showers, fostering an ambiance of closeness and togetherness.


Square Footage: 250 Square Feet
Capacity: 25

Features: Built-in BBQ area, Water Feature, Views.

Bohemian Horizon

The Bohemian Horizon is a hidden gem nestled between a vibrant cactus garden and perched atop the breathtaking vistas of a nature reserve valley. This versatile sanctuary offers a mesmerizing setting for your most cherished moments, whether it's a dreamlike wedding ceremony, a spiritual gathering, or an intimate celebratory dinner for up to 50 kindred spirits.


Square Footage: 850 square feet
Capacity: 65

Features: Panoramic Views, Buddha Water Feature, Cactus Garden

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